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GIS Congress Rental

GIS Congress Rental provides congress technology solutions to transform your conference into a five-star event. GIS Congress Rental is a member of the BOSCH-CRN (Congress Rental Network). With nearly 20 years of experience and expertise in international conference equipment and technology integration, we can help you hold international conferences anywhere in the world.

GIS has a full range of congress technology solutions, finely tuned to both conference procedure and the needs of distinguished guests and participants. We provide cutting-edge integrated audiovisual technology plans to suit any kind of conference. Our experienced technical team are on-site from beginning to end, monitoring your conference in real time. That’s how we ensure you enjoy a conference that runs like clockwork.

Our services:

  • Integrated audiovisual services (positioning, networking, array adaptation, venue evaluation and integration planning)
  • Congress equipment rental (simultaneous interpretation system, desktop conference system, voting system, video conference system, AV system, office operational facilities)
  • Professional meeting room design (conference attendance system, multilingual communication system, graph-control recording system, visual audio system)

GIS Congress Rental

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